5 Key Advantages of Selling Your Home Directly to Buyers in Oklahoma City

Selling a home in Oklahoma City can often feel overwhelming, particularly for those venturing into the process without expert assistance. The journey involves multiple stages, from selecting a reputable real estate agent to perfecting the home’s staging and navigating negotiations with potential buyers. Despite these challenges, a noticeable shift has been occurring: a rising number of homeowners in Oklahoma City are opting to sell directly to professional home buyers. One significant advantage is sidestepping the hassle of babysitting contractors who might overpromise and underdeliver. Oklahoma’s impressively low unemployment rate means contractors might abandon jobs if they face challenges, confident in quickly finding work elsewhere. This unpredictability can prolong the selling process and add stress for homeowners. Selling ‘as is’ becomes a convenient and appealing option against such backdrops. Every homeowner’s situation is unique, but for many, selling directly translates to substantial savings in both time and money. Below are 5 reasons a growing trend of direct home sales are happening in Oklahoma City.

1. A Direct Sale Can Be Incredibly Convenient

Selling a home in Oklahoma City to a professional home buyer is vastly more straightforward than the traditional route of listing on the market. With soaring interest rates, many prospective buyers have become unpredictable, often canceling contracts and viewing appointments. This not only leads to longer days on the market but also adds stress for sellers. By choosing a professional home buyer, you bypass the hassles of staging, hosting open houses, and handling fickle potential buyers. Simply reach out to the buyer, arrange a viewing, and you could have an offer in just a few days.

2. You Can Expect a Quick Selling Process

Another significant benefit of selling your home to a professional home buyer is the expedited sale process. Traditional home sales, with the involvement of lenders, can stretch out over weeks or even months. Often, lenders impose stringent conditions, requiring certain repairs to be made before approving loans. Such stipulations can not only delay the sale but might even jeopardize it altogether. In contrast, with a professional home buyer, the transaction can often conclude in just a few days. This swift process is especially valuable for individuals facing financial challenges, job relocations, or other pressing personal circumstances.

3. No Repairs are Needed

One of the worst tasks when selling a home is dealing with repairs and renovations. But with a professional home buyer like Easy Home Offers, these worries disappear. We buy homes as-is, meaning there’s no need for you to invest time or funds in fixing anything. Even we, like many in our industry, face challenges with finding reliable contractors, handling unfinished projects, and even losing deposits to dishonest contractors. The reality is, no renovation goes off without a hitch and inspectors can sometimes become picky beyond reason. We understand the changes happening in property remodels, so you don’t have to. With us, you won’t spend a dime on repairs, or even a moment on cleanup!

4. No Closing Costs

Closing costs can add up quickly when selling a home. With most professional home buyers, there are no closing costs to worry about. The buyer will cover all of the necessary expenses associated with the sale, including title fees, appraisal fees, and inspection fees. This can save a homeowner thousands of dollars, easily making up for a lower offer price found with may direct home buyers.

5. Fair Market Value

Many homeowners have concerns that selling directly to a professional home buyer will result in a lower than fair market value for their property. However, this is a misconception. Professional home buyers, particularly in Oklahoma City, generally offer prices that align with current real estate market values and the home’s condition. Additionally, you sidestep hefty real estate agent fees, saving you thousands. When you tally the savings in time and money, working with a direct buyer can often be more advantageous than MLS listings.

Most crucially, we specialize in buying situations. This means that no matter how complex or challenging your home sale may be, we are committed to seeing it through with you to the very end.

If you’re in Oklahoma City and wish to bypass the stress associated with traditional home sales, consider reaching out to a professional home buyer in your locale. Not all home buyers operate under the same ethical standards, so for a trustworthy and straightforward experience, consult with Chicago Title, where we’ve successfully closed hundreds of real estate transactions.

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