Condition of a Property Being Sold

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In Oklahoma residential real estate sales, the term “Treatments, Repairs, and Replacements” (TRR) refers to a crucial aspect of the transaction process, particularly concerning the condition of the property being sold. Understanding TRR is essential for both buyers and sellers as it outlines the responsibilities and expectations regarding the property’s condition before closing the sale.

What is TRR and What does it have to do with the Condition of a Property being Sold?

TRR is a provision commonly included in real estate contracts in Oklahoma. It typically requires the seller to address certain issues related to the property’s condition, such as termite infestation, radon levels, and necessary repairs, before the sale is finalized. The purpose of TRR is to ensure that the property is in an acceptable condition for the buyer and to mitigate potential disputes or surprises during the transaction process.

Components of TRR

Treatment: Oklahoma is known for its termite-prone areas, making termite inspections crucial in residential real estate transactions. TRR may require the seller to provide a termite inspection report and, if necessary, arrange for treatment or repairs for any termite-related damage.
Repairs and Replacements: TRR may also address other structural or mechanical issues identified during inspections. This could include repairing a leaky roof, fixing faulty plumbing or electrical systems, or replacing damaged appliances or fixtures. Companies specialize in buying houses in poor condition because many homeowners can get overwhelmed with the process.

Implementation of TRR Regarding the Condition of the Property being Sold

The process of implementing TRR typically begins after the buyer conducts inspections on the property. If any issues are identified during these inspections, the buyer may request that the seller address them through the TRR process. The parties then negotiate the scope of repairs or treatments, including who will bear the associated costs.

Seller’s Obligations

As part of the TRR process, the seller is generally obligated to:

  • Provide relevant documentation, such as inspection reports and repair estimates.
  • Address the agreed-upon repairs, treatments, or replacements in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that the cproperty meets the agreed-upon conditions before the closing date.

Buyer’s Considerations

For buyers, understanding TRR is crucial for ensuring that the property they are purchasing meets their expectations in terms of condition and safety. Buyers should:

  • Thoroughly review inspection reports and TRR provisions with their real estate agent.
  • Clearly communicate their expectations regarding repairs or treatments to the seller.
  • Be prepared to negotiate with the seller to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on TRR issues.


In Oklahoma residential real estate sales, Treatments, Repairs, and Replacements (TRR) play a vital role in ensuring that before closing the sale the property’s condition is acceptable. By understanding the components and implementation of TRR, both buyers and sellers can navigate the transaction process more effectively, ultimately leading to a smoother and more satisfactory real estate transaction.

Condition of a Property Being Sold
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Condition of a Property Being Sold
Understand Treatments, Repairs, and Replacements (TRR) in Oklahoma real estate sales. Learn about the importance of TRR in ensuring a property's condition before closing.
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